This Realm of Time

Too late, too late
the time we take
for one another
and for love

Too much, the rush
of all the seeming else
that serves to tangle up
a life and mind

while we feel
the heel of all responsibility
somehow falling down on us
because this need to rush
is present here
within the very atmosphere
we breathe

We move
for what else can we do?
It seems to be an answer
but only for a while
for points of stillness
enter in
no matter all the spin
within this rushed society

and then the fall
of realization dawning
as our need for love
arises yet again
here, just round the bend
from what the greater system
holds as true

and it moves us
through and through
into a new direction
that we never thought we'd take
as we realize our first mistake
is the division
of each heart that loves
from all else that matters
and is then made to suffer
through this realm of time
alone . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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