Thought of Heart

Life becomes no more
than just a dull routine
a game of happenstance
without the heart involved
for mind can only go so far

Rules to follow
roles to play
strategies to plot
and time slots to be filled
for meaning cannot be revealed
without a thought of heart

Ethics, morals, social rules
these things will play a part
but character is built
from one small seed
of pure significance
that lives and grows
from deeper wells of heart

Some people think
that they can live
the whole of life divided
dispensing feelings here and there
then shutting down just when
to feel becomes uncomfortable

Then too, it has been said
that thought creates emotions
and while the two walk hand in hand
neither one can ever stand alone
or claim the right of rule

For we are one
in heart and mind
and one in body, soul
an entirety, a whole
a system that's composed
of living energy

and while we have the will to guide
no part can ever rule the whole
and hope to keep its balance or control
for the world itself is not composed
of pre-conceived beliefs

It lives and breathes
in the freedom of a breeze
that moves within eternity
and we are no more
than just a passing particle
alive within a greater wave of being

yet each particle affects the whole
and so the story goes
evolving in its ever-changing ways
the same yet always different
eternal yet existent

seen true by those
who learn to know
that wisdom is no more, no less
than just a thought
that passes through the heart . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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