Through All Form

Come to me, my love
and lie again with me
upon this bed of utter being
where all we know must come
and take its leave

Uplift me as I fall
and rise again in our momentum
heart and mind and soul of flesh
in gentle yet astounding sense
that reaches out so full, so far
I feel your touch upon my flesh
no matter time or distance

Listen now, my love
for here beneath my breast
the heart of our tomorrows beats
contracting and expanding
into knowing nothingness
and feeling, simply feeling
the sensation of this love's reality

Enter here, my love
into this temple of my being
as all our love streams forth
from the unknown to planes
of ecstasy and yet beyond
for other hearts respond
to this great sense of loving too

We move, and movement matters
as it echoes out resoundingly
acting and reacting to it all
the touch, the feel
the sense of love made real
that moves itself forever
through all form . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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