Tides of Energy

Light dances on the waters
as the river's movement carries on
within the tides of energy called life
Their sparkle blinds the mortal eye
to the endless days of their demise
born to die to live again
in cycles that will never end

and love flows free again
just there around the bend
we can't quite reach
where stands the friend we need
In silence he awaits
the dawn of our arrival

Will these dreams within the day
lift my soul to fly away
to himů?
as I watch light dancing on the water
and seek no more than shelter
from the coming storm
when in pain the world's reborn
in tides of energy
that seem to run through me

yet I know the pain of birth
is absorbed into the earth
and quickly fades away
when in the light of newborn days
another soul is born again
I look into their eyes and then
time and pain just fade away
to be born again another day
upon these tides of energy called life


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano, All Rights Reserved
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