To All of Life

I know not else what I might do
and so I move again
into these realms of utter being
where intellect at last subsides
and unity and peace are found again

and while this seems that it might be
no more than just another moment
of pure mind's obliteration
still I know that I must go
beyond the gist of intellect's creation

to touch and thus receive
the love of all eternity into my being
for still, right now, you choose
to keep mere habit as the course
and gist of your reality

and no matter how your soul objects
you seem to seek
no more than just acceptance
within the social realms of mere humanity's
staid and static ways that seem to overcome
even this, the truth of love's existence

E'en now, when your own soul has led
you to the core of love's existence
in ways that have not been accepted
within the horde and mass of this humanity
that merely settles, somehow numb
for the past of warring intellect and socialism
that only leads to death of love's reality in flesh

and so I pray, right now
to the Goddess of all life in form
to bring to me the strength
beyond all strife

for I know not what else
that I might do
to bring this love so true
to all of life . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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