To Be Free or Not To Be?

At times unknowing
seems easier than truth

I look and now I see
that cared for, warm and fed
amid a fellowship of others
we are not allowed to be ourselves

Sanity means conformity
and nothing more than this
rules, laws, expectations, establishments
with little room for freedom
or spirit to take hold and take a hand
in this adventure of our life

For in this, our modern world
we box in all that is human and instinctual
we enclose even our very soul
hiding from the scope of sky
and from others of our kind
separating ourselves
with walls of plaster, stone or steel
Looking out through plate-glass windows
that we may be seen
yet left untouched

Do the walls perceive our loneliness?
Can they give a caring hug
to ease a human burden?
and reaching out, what do we find?
but the feel of cold
and heartless walls
that are lost in mere remembering

Yet we put on our masks
as we were taught to do
make-up, attire, attitude
pre-formed expression
even as we encase our loneliness
in a visionary box within
while we venture just so far
from the safety of our box
to all that is seen as without

and these habits of a lifetime
only serve to cover
the truth within
until even we forget who we are

We are children of the universe
No shame or guilt lies in that
We are what we were meant to be
How can that be wrong?

But these things
that we perceive as other
are they really alien?
or could it be
that all we see
is a reflection in the mirror
of all that is?

And as this ideation takes its hold
I find myself suspended
as if between two worlds
and a feeling of pure intuition
dissolves the many walls
of a fortress I no longer need

Glorious, this feeling -
just to be . . .


Copyright© 1989 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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