To Carry On

Come to me, my love
I beg, I plead
because, you see
your love is everything
that I so need to carry on
for I have come upon a place
where everything that feels itself
through me in time and space
seems nothing more than just surreal

As if within invisibility and distance
reality were somehow decomposed
and this destruction seems no more
than just a counterpoint to all creation
while the energy of life and love itself
lie ever in realms of co-creation
and we have grown beyond the youth
of co-dependency
for we have found the one belief
that withstands and lives beyond
the tests of time

This love, our love, one love
that comes to us in waves
beyond the past
of all addictive craving
and seeks no more than just to be
alive within reality of form

So come to me, my love
this time for all of time
for this love we share
is all we need
to simply carry on . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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