To Coalesce

The tongue
oh God, the taste of you
and the feel when you are open to
the taste of all I am
when everything you say and do
becomes at one with me

This touch
just when the Goddess reaches out
where sensation meets
and comes to greet
all that seems its opposite

Archetypal feeling rises to the fore
as we reach for evermore
in immortality of form
composed of light that has attained
a kind of grand stability

and therefore must remain
an image graven
in the psyche of all mind
that reaches and must surely touch
the source within creative grace

for emotion and sensation
are just one
and bring a peak
that's brighter than the sun
and yet subdued

within the multi-varied hues
of luminescence
that come to be reality
just at that centered point within

when standing firm
and rooted in the earth
we fly
through skies of mind
and come to meet
another wave of life

and particles, each one
that in thought were separated
come to coalesce
with all that is . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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