To Come Alive

We seek within
for images that might express
the depth of feeling found
upon reflection
and search for some imagined source
of all the pain we feel

Physical, emotional - it matters not
for one becomes the other constantly
and this pain is oh, so very real
calling our attention from the tasks
attached to masks we always wear

yet now and then we find
a sense of quiet all about
allowing for a moment's ease
that allows us just to breathe

while within the very space
between the intake and the out
an image will arise
as if painted there upon
the canvas of our inner eyes

Image born of living color
vibrating with life
as spirit spreads its wings
and takes to flight
to bring us to a view
a mortal eye can't quite conceive
in its entirety

and this image grows
in density and magnitude
high and low and in between
as the power of a mind
joins in at this creative depth

until this image, magnified
reaches for its own true tone
at first the slightest whisper
as if it were the wind
on a hot and sultry summer's day
and could not quite make up its mind
to rise and stir the atmosphere

still a quiver, small yet wondrous
felt yet not quite known

Focus then, and concentrate
on graven image thus arisen
Relax and let vibrations
gain the upper hand right now
for the source of all has given
us this great ability
to make what seems a dream
into a form of true reality

if only we allow ourselves
these moments so intense
when every sense
beyond and yet encompassing
the basic five we know
can come alive
and living
come to be this source
of all creation's form


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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