To Dare the Moment

The mountains are a story told
enduring time and movement bold
Strength of rock mid richest earth
within the land, the soul's birth

in every flower, blade of grass
in the opening of mountain's pass
as the doorway to another realm
opens out and movement overwhelms

the best laid plans, creation's dreams
the castles built, the daily schemes
that occupy a life unlived
till taking more, we finally give

the best of all we can discover
within the heart, bridge to another
and heart that beats in rhythmed dance
lives because we took the chance

and opened to the strength within
The soul of earth, all nature spins
a story of a world at peace
and there within a fold, a crease

of soil moved by water, wind
we find a way to blend
the bottom/top, the left the right
as problems flow right out of sight

because we dared these moments of
this rich and everlasting love

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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