To Dream Awake

He lived a life of utter solitude
even as he walked the crowded streets
living always here, within himself
until one day a springtime breeze
catalyzed a deep desire to move on
and soul responded - glistening
like morning dew upon his skin

He breathed then, in and out
no more than this
as spirit gently sifted
through his store of memories
starting to release the weight
that always used to hold him back

Mesmerized, he watched
as holographic scenes
came alive yet one more time
not quite like any memory he knew
but as if they truly lived again
and he was there, not here
while a tear or two
ran down the stubble on his cheek
and balanced for a moment on his jaw
just before they took the fall
and he was able to let go

Evening fell then
harder than it ever had before
and he lit a candle to devour
the darkness filtering
between what was
and all that might have been
if only he had known enough to live
instead of play the games
that others claimed would lead to happiness

while there within the shadows
spirits rose to tell
of great emotion moving
in siesmographic waves of utter symmetry
as these oceans lived and breathed
to change the course of every living thing
and dolphins gathered in great hordes
to catalyze their healing effects

and too, the stars and planets
that had spent eons just aligning
in their orbits of an ever-growing unity
were preparing for a union
that would join all chance and happenstance
into a rhythmed, reasoned flow
of living light

for the time had finally come
to heal our world
and thus, the moment of transcendence
rose and softly glowed
as a multitude of realms began
to just converge

But what did all this mean
these many visions opening out?
He even sees the angels now
wings aflutter, hearts aglow
in postures of the purest friendliness
gesturing as if to draw him near
and yet the fear that visions
always brought to him before
just wasn't there - not any more

and just before he drifted off to sleep
he wondered if perhaps
he'd gone insane
but then the dreams began
to dream themselves awake
yet once again . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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