To Find

How do we find the one among the many . . . ?
that reflects all that we are in clarity
that would seek
and find a way to understand
that each demand they place on us
can cause us pleasure
and yet at other times
a pain that never seems to end

when they remain too long within a world
that rarely takes the time to care
for who they are
or all the deep emotion
that filters daily through their system

yet reflection is a never-ending feat
that never can repeat itself too many times
and each of us a jewel
one facet now reflecting just so much
of loving light that weaves this tapestry
within the flows of all infinity

and then the focus changes
as the angle of our sight
readjusts to yet another flight
lightning fast
this holographic movement of all soul
that seeks no more than just to be
each particle and wave
of love's experience . . .


September 2000
Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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