To Find Love

I look into the sky and see
visions of eternity
as the sun dawns every day
on the horizon

The rosy hues of distant clouds
are love that's beaming down
on sunshine's rays
throughout the days
and nights of our arrival

Do you see that distant star
that winks at you from oh so far away?
If you open and allow it in
your heart and soul will spin in ecstasy
for that star loves you too
as does the moon
and so do I

while part and parcel of the sky
the winds blow everywhere
pleased to carry all your cares away
Inhale deep the scent of this new day
for this love is here to stay

encompassing the lone existence
creating energy to dance
the night and day away
for love is here to stay
and so are we


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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