To Glide

of the very flows of air
on which it glides
guided by the feel
of feathers moving in the thrill
of airy heights

and more, for air and light
become as one
within the thrum
of one heart beating
striving to become
the skies it flies

The sun fades in intensity
even as the moon glows brighter
shadowy, this presence
of night within a day
so bright with clarity

even as the condor sees
each flow of air become
another breeze to glide upon
and gliding, comes to know
all that lies above
the scope of man's horizon

Gliding o'er the ocean's depths
where dolphins play
and sometimes dance
to fly, if only for a moment
through the very air they breathe
even if not quite as high
as their precious winged friend

yet in their very presence
the depths and heights are spanned
and in their kinship
a bridge of light will span
across the waves of air and sea
just as a rainbow bright
alleviates the distance
only opposites can bear

Yet be it in the watery depths
or in air so fresh and full of vibrant light
that it awakens every cell
they glide and soar in mystery
somewhere in between
the dark and light . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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