To Heal the Heart

Reaching, reaching
far beyond
the places and the spaces
that are known
I sense a presence
waiting just for my arrival

A presence that entices
even as it seems
to bring a pause
at the instinctual realm
that is survival in its basic form

Yet somehow this time
as time before and time again
I must let myself be drawn
beyond the ordinary scope
of what most know as
mental clarity

for to them, this quest I've undertaken
seems no more than just insanity
as I break the very rules
of their division
in this, my search for unity
to help to heal the heart
of all humanity

I sense a power
vast, unending
above and far below
any standards
that the mass has ever known
and so I reach for excellence
and yet beyond
for a sense of perfect love
on this path that oh, so many
lose their way upon

This path is yet invisible
somehow to mortal eyes
yet spirit-sight has always seen
its quality revealed
and sought to heal and guide
each heart back into just itself
for its beauty calls us all to arms
that treasure its existence
in more and less than just this flesh
has ever yet revealed

So, I listen now
at the level of each cell
and feel my way along
until again I hear the song
of spirits singing on the wind
even in this chill
of almost-winter winds

I pause to watch
the power of fire and ice
in combination
and see an awesome glow
expanding beyond all
the experts think they know
within the very limited
division of their knowledge

reaching still, still further yet
so far beyond the ordinary
that all my senses lie in wait
as if some great discovery
would now unfold in mystery
exposing secret mysteries
to all who dare to live it

yet more
for what we touch
and come to know
lives on into infinity
ever finding more
to lead it on

and no matter what we call
this more, this other -
all that seems most alien
becomes a cornerstone
that new tomorrows
can be built upon

Euphoric now
each sense becomes just one
pure feeling of a love that's found
in every heart that dares become
the love of all it is . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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