To Light the Way

Ocean's charms call out to me
like siren's songs upon the sea
tempting with their mystery
teasing with a fantasy
of life beyond the pain
and love beyond the strain
of right or wrong

as high notes balance
thunder in a storm
wind whistling
the sirens sing
of secrecy and bare belief

"Come and know the numbness cold can bring
in the beginning and the end
of everything you thought you knew
when all your dreams come true
within the darl of waters depths"

and as they sing, the lightning strikes
awakening unmeasured depths of mind
where even time can have its way
in its illusionary way
of stark relief amid its timelessness

Eternity in just a glimpse
of the endless ocean's face
while the light within the skies
bestows the grace of nature's ways
as we move and sway
at times creating flames to light the way

Now I feel your warmth in memory
for it must last through winter's rage
Sweet embrace as we engage
wondering what fate might have in mind
as we keep dancing in and out of other lives

With a touch becoming one
in a ray of ever burning sun
in shadows of the clouds
that light the way


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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