To Live Again

Remembering, so vividly
the pleasure and the poetry
of days and nights when two as one
outshone the moon and sun

in summer splendor
there 'neath clear blue skies
we reached and touched the clouds on high
and played upon the rocks that bring

sweet songs alive in moving streams
of love, the ever living dream
as grounded in the earth, we flew
to worlds we never knew

Was this too, a memory?
or perhaps a vivid fantasy
recreating childhood days
when all the world would play

creative games that had no end
in a real world built of the pretend
of days when one alone could be
the essence and the meaning, free

of every law, of each restraint
to catch the world in oil paint
to dream and know the dream as real
within the innocent appeal

of chemistry and magnetism
the world in a starlit prism
as phantom memory repeats
uniting those sweet days replete

with all that is and yet can be
as we reach and touch infinity
and then
begin to really live again
once more


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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