To Live the Dream

To stand in awe
enveloped by the feel of all that is
to move without a thought or strain
and dance the dance of life's refrain
free and unrestricted
from the truculence of intense intellect
allowing soul to come alive
and thrive right now within these days
of multi-separation

and then to take a centered stand
between the ends of each extreme
or better yet
to take the ends and join them now
into a circled unity that just revolves

as the earth around the sun will live
through eons of mind's history
reveling in mystery
felt but never fully known
each whole distinct yet always part
of yet a greater whole

we, a part of earth's great soul
and she a part of something even more
sensed within these particles
yet never seen in its entirety

What will we choose to come to be?
lost within some universal theme
or here, right now, to live the dream
of this creation


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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