To Love Anew

What love could be more pure
than the love found in the eyes
of every newborn child?
That which is, unconditioned and free
allowing life to be, just be

Finding joy and wonder
in the many variations
Astounded by the complex hues
of artful clouds and music's airy grace
and in the deeper tints
of earth and ocean's space

Living in the moment now
where waiting oh so patiently
for all that is to come
life lives itself
beyond its incubation

Questioning in innocence
the meaning of all life
Finding answers in the feel
of energy that flows so free
through patterns born to be
their own creation

Leaving longing far behind
as heart and mind conceive
of yet another dream
to carry on

while here in innocence
is found the alpha and omega
of life and love that spin
throughout a galaxy
born in the eyes of one

small and innocent and new
yet free
just like each dream
we dare to dream awake


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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