To Meet Our Immortality

A million stars will sing
in a continuum of rhapsody
as a syncopated rhythm rings us round
for a universal dance of being
never fails to draw down
an awesome sense of sensitivity

and we, our soul's proclivity
toward a freedom known as happiness
find innocence within a growing wisdom
that speaks of heart, of joy, of love
within a beam of light from up above
yet clashes with the darkness of our flesh
still reaching in suspension
for a numbness of detention
stemming from unchanging surety
that simply can't be had within totality

as we cling to known and knowing attitudes
and suffer through the heavy moods
of spirit's deep imprisonment
to find a mere incompetence
instead of happiness
depending on all others to create
a sense of incubating senselessness
that thinks it knows, so dares to show
its depth and height and width
in measured increments of mass
that always seems to clash with who we are

Still our hearts and souls will long
with impropriety and endless songs
that speak to greater need and high desire
for a fire burns inside that can't be tamed
and fame is such a fleeting feel
depending heavily on pleasing
those who really aren't real at all

and so we seek, we search,
we fall into another state of being
where endlessly the stars are freeing
unincorporated realms of misty dreams
that sing in utter rhapsody
of all that we might be
if only we might dare one dance
of awe-inspired clarity
creating momentary bliss
that moves through this infinity of form

for galaxies are born of hopes and dreams
that stream from this unuttered sense of being
and constellations rise within a brilliant morning sky
as beams of light descend within a darkness
that begins to glow as we ascend
to meet our immortality again . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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