How easily some words can wound
like a string that's out of tune
breaking in upon the harmony
of the flow of love's entirety

when resonance becomes discord
resounding through the heart and more
affecting all within its range
vibrations that will rearrange

each melody that's played
gaining power like the stormy waves
that crash upon the shore
and in their breaking calling more

of what is like unto its place
establishing a base
from which the discord grows
amplified within the flow

of what began as love
in tender moments of
an intimate and heartfelt sharing
How do we turn it back to caring?

if not by conscious force of will
questioning until
the soul responds
refreshing loving bonds

toning down the pain
relieving stress and strain
ordering the chaos born
into the ever changing form

of love


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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