Too Concentrated

Like a rock
held back by incandescence
of an early morning dew
allowing tiny to subdue the great
you wait in silent prostitution
of a spirit that has given
light to life

Staid and stoic, stubborn
your demeanor holds you back
when all that your life lacks
beckons you to come alive again

like sirens on the wind
or whitecaps beating on the shore
a sense of greater life
whispers, beating daily at your door
yet you refuse to answer

even when the devas stir
their elemental magic in your blood
and memories beyond this life
antecedent and precursor of all form
flood moments of quiescence

when all the world lies still
and all that can be heard
is silence singing
in syncopated rhythm bringing
possibility to focus in the mind

Sometimes in nighttime skies
you see hues beyond restriction
in starlight streaming down
to touch your soul

and there, in still of springtime morn
a prophecy is born
of powers mightier
than man can e'er imagine

yet like a rock
too concentrated in its form to move
your mind removes potential born
even as this elemental magic dawns
within perception

yet even rocks abide
within the tides of evolution
slow to grow
and little known
yet still they live
a life unto themselves...


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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