To Say Good-Bye

You never let me say good-bye
or give you that last hug
the one that might express
the entirety of love I felt for you
or allow me to let
all those days and nights
I loved you so just be
for one eternal moment of good-bye

I gave it all to you
I opened up
as I never opened up before
and for a moment's grace
you let me shine
as I saw myself reflected
in a pair of loving eyes
that were other than my own

but now I find an empty space
growing here inside my heart
a spot where only you
were e'er allowed to be
and hauntingly
a melody plays on
of days spent in the sunshine
of your love

for you still hold on
to some unknown, distant
part of my own soul
and it feels as if
you'll never let me go
or close the door

even now
when you have found another
and seek to sweep her off her feet
with the embellishments
of grand facades
and faces that you show the world
while you throw her in my face
to destroy the grace
of even just a soft
and easy letting go

The passion was the easiest
of everything to just let go
for the fires of desire of the flesh
had been brought back to an ember
long ago by your uncaring attitudes
and your moods of dark and bitter memories
of times that passed before we even met

then for a while I thought
that to me you'd always be
the tears you cried
as I held on to you
when all seemed lost
and I whispered in your ear
that everything would be all right

and the child inside of you
that dared to love me too
but it seems you seek
to cast him, too, aside
and smother him in alibis
of right and wrong
of guilt and sin
of old beliefs' abolishment
and too, within the present day
as you seek no more
than just to stay
within those roles you play
and masks you wear

Where then, has it gone?
the tenderness you used to share with me
in days when every heartbeat of your life
echoed strong and steady
right along with mine
somehow right inside of me

and where, oh where?
the man who cared
enough to take the time
to send a loving thought
or call, if just to say
he loved me so

the soul who loved
enough to find a way to fly
through skies of crystal air
growing wings
that he might be with me

The strength of love is so
aglow in magic moments
when two hearts become as one
now you falter in the sky of mind
that you sought to leave behind
and wallow in a world of images
that can blind the inner eye
to what is real
seeking in another
what can only come to be
in your own heart

But now the time has come
for this last piece of your soul
to travel back to you
for I can no longer hold
the breadth and width
of these dreams you dreamed with me
not anymore
no matter their beauty or worth
for you have made sure
they never will come true

and I cannot cry your tears for you
or express the anger that you feel
that stems from all the choices
that you've made
for you see, my one time love
my own are quite enough
for me to bear
alone again
without the friend
I thought I'd found in you

so want it or not
this time it's for real
this forever good-bye
even without that last hug
or the last loving touch
that we might have shared together
for somewhere deep within
a door is closing
on just another chapter
of this life that I must choose to live
in its entirety

and even now, I feel
that lost bit of my soul
begin to make its way
back home to me . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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