To Set Us Free

Cut off from all we love the most
by systems so unreasonable
they cannot seem to take the truth
and even just survive,
while all the lies and alibis
become no more than weapons
in a play of opposites and opposition;

And thus another war begins
in this division without end
that humanity imposes without reason
upon itself, no less;
insisting that society must somehow be
more important than an individuality -
conveniently forgetting
that society could never be conceived
without the individuality of one alone.

These games of war and strategy
have brought no more than misery
to humanity at large;
yet still so many choose
to play these games of win and lose,
focusing their energy on this and nothing more
too oft' abusing those they love the most
by always focusing upon the greater games
of power and fame they play.

Yet we all know that this is true:
it is those we love the most
that bring all meaning to our life
and all that is most personal,
intimate and individual,
brings love again to being
where all our deepest needs
can be fulfilled.

So what then, shall we do
when the greater systems threaten
to take away what
means the most to us...?
within their power plays
that mean no more than staged
and thus unmeaningful relation.
Will we continue then
to play their games
of emotional manipulation?

Or is it time to take a stand
backed by all the power
of love's demands?
The choice is ours to make
as individuals;
and thus I voice my vote for love,
for love alone is what we need
to set us free
and love is the most intimate
and overwhelming need
of all humanity right now . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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