To Simply Live Again

A scintillating, tantalizing drift of scent
becomes the air we breathe
as spirit sifts through mists of time
remembering those days of yours and mine
when all was one within a unity of separation.

And then yet more
for we walk now through a door
without a muscle moving
to find our way upon a winding path
of utter ecstasy.

We move, and oh, this motion pleases
teasing, it anticipates each future need
when all our senses whisper
in amazement of such open mystery
diving deep to rise again
in streams of symmetry;

That speak all words within a whisper
silently, we feel it rise and wrap around,
moving through the walls of all that holds
what we believe to be most intimate,
extending into time and space to reach
the deepest point of satisfaction

Here, within and yet between
our ever beating hearts
that must be heard resounding
through the constellations of all galaxies
as sound rebounds in changing forms
to simply live again . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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