To Speak the Words

Distant and exotic places
exist within a heart
as intimate, erotic spaces
hunger deep
for just one touch of love

Archetypal memory takes hold
as days of mystery and magic
once again unfold
when the world was bold enough
to birth itself into its being

and the universe keeps opening out
in an ecstasy of joy
receiving everything in equanimity
smooth as satin cream
as we are nurtured by this dream
of simply being

Succulent, the scent and taste of life
remembering now
how in our youth
our senses just devoured the spring
and everything that
no one had dared express before
was ours to be

and so it is
and so it will remain
until the priests and poets
at last sing in a symphony's refrain
in a beginning that will never end
for hearts beat on consistently
as love whispers in the wind
speaking for the many little things
that have yet to find their voice

And truly, do we have a choice
for within love's evolution
seeming sometimes few and far between
ancient hearts have found
the reason and the source of all existence
in a beginning that can have no end
in love, the living verity of life

while we, as a society
in units individual
must come alive
within our many movements
and seek to make a difference now
as ancient prophesies of fear
simply unfurl and dissipate
like fog that comes to meet
the morning sun
while we, within a unity, become
the one and only one that matters

Not you or I, nor he or she
nor any race or sex or creed
but a union of humanity
that seeks the ultimate adventure
of pure being

We have walked a troubled course
we human beings
and have nursed the many wounds
imparted by a multitude of silence
and this silence must be broken
for all we ever really have
is just this instant of eternity

and all we need to do
is help it flow into tomorrow
as we move through tasks
like worker ants, unknowing
while all we need to be
to make it work
is just a glow
like moonlight felt
within a loving afterglow
of silence that ascends
into all dreams

That's all - just glow
like all those stars we see
within the nighttime skies
allowing spirit to become
the voice of age and innocence
building now in harmony
ancient and yet powerful
rooted in the earth with wings
that teach our spirits flight

reborn now in each heart
that opens once again
to feel this love
that outshines any source
or power of electricity
for we are one
beneath the sun
beyond the moon
and our voice will ever echo out
to every age that's yet to come
within a vibratory surge
that will be heard and felt and known
to all that follow

What will our message be . . . ?
Can we somehow supercede
all warring opposites . . . ?
and settle within arms of endless bliss
in love that cares enough
to be and thus to speak
the words that really matter
to us all


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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