To Stand

Right now in my life
in my stance
in my stand
I must face reality again
full in the face of all that is
and I find myself alone again
it seems to be the only way
that I can see it true
for no matter what I do
these others that I love so well
just tell me that I ought to be
something other than I am
in order to be loved by them
and this I just can't do, not anymore

I must be me, I must believe
that I, and thus my life have meaning
far beyond the games and platitudes
of others' moods and actions
for this one thing I know to be
the essence of all verity
that love must be allowed
to just flow free
and flowing, free myself
and all the world to simply be
itself entirely

Unadorned magnificence, the beauty
of the nature of all life
even as the sun goes down
in crowning glory of the clouds
and trees stand tall while bending
somehow blending with the wind
and then again, the frost that comes
drawn by a great invisible artistic hand
when even trees withdraw into themselves
without a wish to feel the freeze
that comes before a springtime breeze

and so I take this stance, this stand
just like the ever-living trees
and breathe myself
into myself again
observing still the mystery
that all about me gleams
as starlight streams right through it all
becoming one great dream to dream
the spring back into being . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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