To Take the Fall

She rides her golden dragon
through the skies of all tomorrows
heat blazing a trail
through darkening skies
of deepest indigo

heading for a place and space
where she can truly be alone
unperceived and thus without perception
where feeling is no more than make-believe
and she can rest this weary soul of hers
within a healing love divine
that's never been divided into yours and mine

She watches then, as particles come into being
some staying and some fading right away
and wonders why the sun can't seem to shine
into this place of peace she's found
so she gathers moonbeams round herself
and sleepily reclines into a cloud
of pure imagination's making

knowing she cannot be found
unless she choose it so
and right now she chooses this alone
over any other state of being
for pain abounds within the world of man
and anger stokes the fires of hell
that seem to burn upon demand

and she wonders as she drifts
what it is that she can do
to find a way to live among
so much that is untrue
for every time she tries
it simply always comes down to
more pain than one could ever bear alone
and still, she cannot find a tone
to compliment entirely the love she feels

while bent and broken, shattered dreams
become no more than tears that stream
right out into forever
and she thinks that she will never understand at all
why anyone would choose to take the fall again
into those realms of matter in the making
when she is shaking in despair
all because she dared to bring the truth of love
back home to them again . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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