Totality in Form

The moon glows in a soft incandescence
the air is still, yet a sweetness lingers within
as high above, a gull that dares to fly alone
even here, within this night of shadow's realm
seeks and finds a current's guiding flow
and on this current, glides into eternity
as the sea below goes on an on
beating in eternal rhythms out of time

while as if from space known only in imagination
a golden dragon roars
breathing fire into currents once composed of air
while these currents that allow
this great and gliding ambiance
its scope and higher view of worlds below
become the base of vibrant, pulsing power
increasing fire's volume and intensity

as there, within the sea
a creature, wild and wonderful
sings somehow without a voice
sensing each vibration's undertones
guiding and receiving guidance
from the moisture that becomes its breath
seeking depths as yet unknown to mortal mind
to heal and thus again reveal
the source of life in its totality

while still, beneath it all
a power seldom understood
still remains to be discovered
for naught could be
that is not grounded in her being
as once again, the earth resounds
in mighty tones of life in form
heart beating now in sync
with all infinity

and here, within one mind, one point
one vessel moving with the waves of life
alone, yet intricate attachments
allow it seeming solidarity
even as, allowing, unity is free to be
itself in each and every form conceived

and a truth is thus discovered
that our life lies in the matrix
yet beyond
this great illusive mother of us all . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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