Animal nature, instinctive and free
is at the root of all we may be
Raise it to a higher power
here and now, this moment, hour

Know the spirit of the wild
the vicious and the mild
the lightening strike of summer's storms
the wolf cub being born

Envision sight of eagle soaring
o'er the waterfalls now roaring
in descent from icy climbs
roar to know the chime

of your own voice
We always have a choice -
conventional, rebellious, free
Choose what you would be

Wise like hooting owl in the night
or captured by the hawk in flight
Gentle like a butterfly that flutters
or raucous like the bear that utters

deeper vibrations protecting precious cubs
or the humming bird of joy that loves
the nights and days away
Each choice you make will stay

within the heart and mind and soul
of the ever-growing whole
of who we are
Shine brightly like the star

of heaven's night
Become a brilliant light
revealing secret shadows doubt
moving down and round and out

in ever-changing, constant motion
Be the gold elixir's potion
Rise and fall within the flow
Love the night away and know

the truth of animistic nature
as mind becomes no more than blur
of thoughts let go and passion's fire
Be the essence of desire

Release your spirit and set free
the soul of all eternity

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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