To the Core

Let the rain fall all around
and feel the need
of seeds that seek
no more than just
its nourishment

Know this moisture
even as these teardrops
fall yet once again
just like the rain
of every spring's deliverance
when a rose becomes
the scent and hue and bloom
of each acceptance

for every moment
that you live the truth
even here, within
the rush of each emotion
within your heart
another seed
implanted long ago
will grow

even as each branch
of towering trees
is just a limb
that reaches out
to seek the warmth
of sun's deliverance
as within each leaf
a ray - one ray
that touches to the core
of what they are
joins in this embrace
of earth and sky

yet still the quest goes on
for in each and every form
of life evolving
lives the great desire
for another

An other
that would have and hold
as if their very own
each and every need
of one alone
and its fulfillment

Look there
where rain becomes
a drop of moisture
waiting for the dawn
when one and only one
pure ray of sunlight

a moving particle of light
that within one drop
of moisture's prism
becomes a rainbow reaching out
surrounding as it penetrates
right to the core
of life and love itself

All because the light reached out
and found an opening
that lead it to the core
of all that is . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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