To the Next

I've watched her fading
day by day
this spirit that I love so well
and I wonder now
just when those bells
will toll at her release

when she finally reaches out
to find this wonder and such awe
at her deliverance from pain
and sees the angels ring her round
in love and sweet devotion
to ease her into other worlds
that most would only call imagination

I find my comfort now in all the joy
that surely will arise as she lets go
for heaven is the sight, the feel
of souls unbound and flying free
away from pain and misery
experiencing this ecstasy
of complete and utter love

I know her passing will confirm
yet one more time in living light
these other-wordly flights of mine
that seem to bring such joy divine
into existence to be shared
and thus forever multiplied
yet still, it's oh so hard
to let her go

so now I pray for only this
God, speed her way to loving bliss
and all the pleasure
that she rarely seems to find
in life in form

while time keeps turning round
moving gently and completely
from one moment of forever
to the next . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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