To the Parents
(aftermath of Columbine)

Unusual and unexpected
flaring rage that ended
the potential of their lives to soon

Did you think the rage
that flared that day
could ever grow
within the flows of childhood?

Common sense would say
it is a living legacy
born within and of
their parents cells
if they hadn't left the hell
of all their anger unexpressed
and unresolved
in memory's denial
of orange and purple skies
that then became
the screams of innocents
that felt the pain
of ancient wars descend again

When all that is left incubating
repressed and then denied
is born again with the eyes
of innocence so wise
and it breaks our hearts
to see them cry
with all the pain that long ago
we could have ended

The time has come
the day long past
to begin this endless task
of metamorphosis

Or would you have your children
spend their lives
making blind amends
for all that you did wrong
in times before their soul
was born to song?

Let's now, together, you and I
set their spirits free to fly
for they will always land back here
and be within our lives
becoming gentle butterflies of joy
flitting in and out
of our ever-opening hearts

But how will they ever fly
if we hold them deep inside
with all our pain . . . ?


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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