Touch of Hope

 The Blast
 To Weave the Webs
Into Light
 Awakens in His Wings
 Unfocused Light
Magic Net
 One Again
Heart's Revival
More Green
With You
 Employ the Wealth
 A Brand New Harmony
 Get It Right
 All We Do
Unending Beginning
Come Alive
And Thee
Feel the Quiet
 Endless Seasons
 Hold the Moonlight
 She Was There
Of All
In You
 Twice Blessed
 Sadness Lurking
Entering Unasked
Spirit of the Dream
 All Around
Plays On
As One
 Oh, Love
Back Home
The Way We Feel
Tiny Angel
 Poetic Seeds
 Spinning You
Heaven Bent
 Spinning Out
 Bringing It Back To Heart
A New Start
Flying Free
 Entered In
 Linger Here
Feel the Dream
 One Little Light
 Soul's Home
Moving Everything
Amid the Buds
Being Spun
 Woven Strands
Our Destiny
Joy Unfolds
 Mother Love
 Suspends Itself
 Another Monday
Back to the Sunrise
Without the Fear
On and On
 The Is and Meant To Be
The Pavilion
 Wish of Love
 Music Seldom Heard

Copyright© 2003, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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