To Unity

Flames dancing high in incantation
offering a newly opened realm to mortal form.
Oh, watch the ways of movement that transform
as heat arises, ever reaching to be born
of starlight beaming down and through
and changing everything.

Deep ebony cannot compare to this,
this endless kiss of starlit bliss,
as magic enters back into reality
and flowers dance an endless bloom
of form's reality.

Remembering a time before all time
became the focus of our minds
and wealth was known as simple touch
encompassing the sense of everything,
as we drift into the womb to incubate
in what is known as just mortality
where beginnings seem to bring
no more than ends.

Yet still, we sense, within an empathy
that more than just these forms of flesh
must enter in to intermesh
mysterious realms, invisible to mortal eye
where flames dance yet again in symmetry
in cooling fires of synchronicity
that live beyond the known of mind itself.

They flow so gracefully through more
than just one form can ever be;
and beauty then is born, within this flesh
just living and receiving energy
in an awesome continuity
that fills the air we breathe to live
and gives sublime, unending ecstasy
as it comes in flames that seem to die
yet simply rise so high
they fly just out of mortal reach.

Yet spirit knows
and souls will flow
e'en further yet
enveloping all separation
to bring this consciousness
to unity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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