To wander in a world of liminality
and touch a higher level of reality
time of fear and change and glory
creation made of history

to alternate our habit’s sway
by opening our hearts to feel
the sacred in the every day
the love, the power that will heal

and bind us one unto another
in ever growing circle, sphere
beyond the fear that grates and smothers
as, intimately, grace draws near

Threshold to a brand new world
if only we dare see the view
through multi-colored mists we’re hurled
to where the soul is born anew

and looking back, a wonder rises
at the way we used to be
alone, afraid, invisible
while all around a unity

encompassed every move we made
was there to guide to fated day
so burden born would finally fade
freed to go its separate way

and in its place, a joy arose
like mist o’er pond on early summer morn
in stillness, waiting, as if posed
for touch of light from new-made dawn

when glorious mist dissolves in air
and eyes can see so far, so clear
because a step was taken, dared
in the moment when we faced our fear...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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