And then he enters in
Zeus, the god of gods
with all his mighty power
contained within himself
not quite ready to explode
yet desiring nonetheless
no less than an explosion
and Hera has removed herself
from this zone of his impressiveness
by choice of her own will

when Aphrodite softly steals
the focus of attention
of all the mighty gods assembled
containing in herself
a wealth of beauty's wonder
gracefully expressed
in every gesture, every move
and each and every word and tone
of her deliverance

as god and goddess come to meet
upon eternal shores of their creation
outshining stars and sun and moon
within them might of this experience
as slowly, he and she surmise it all
the rise and then the fall
of all reality

Winds are heard to sigh
and oceans rise in wavelike motion
with sun as focused heat
that keeps the fires sultry warm
while the earth, in all its wisdom
merely steadies all the many moves
of magic thus becoming real

as they dare to take
the chance of chances
and surrender to magnetic trance
to enter in a state of utter ecstasy
transformed and then transforming
all that is . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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