these ties that bind
heart and soul unto a mind
forming a totality
within this flesh that seeks to be
eternal in its life and scope

Subliminal the hints and cues
of thoughts that run right through
all of existence

yet liminal, this point within
that sends us now beyond
the point of mere imagining
somehow bringing flesh into it all
even as these particles of form
will call a more pervasive
understanding into being

images within a mind
that dash and dart
just in between and seemingly
beyond our comprehension

dare I say, archetypal
so much more than mind alone
could ever be
or thus conceive
reaching to the very base
of creativity

and the base of creativity
will ever stream
from dreams beyond
the source of mind's imagining

The base, the source
of all that is becoming real
here, within the feel of love
forever being born
into existence

this all encompassing
feeling of what future brings
to bear


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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