Tree of Life

What can I be
without the presence
of your form . . . ?
so sure and indivisible
that fantasies of mind
just melt away
to become the one reality
of love itself

yet still, it seems
you seek an other form
beyond my own
as the source and the creation
of eternity itself

When will you come
to understand
the seeking as the meaning
and love as the completion
of the seeking of it all . . . ?

and in this understanding
reach for more than merely
an unknowing ecstasy of flesh
can ever grow to comprehend
as the wisdom of a heart

that knows its soul
is the only form
of true deliverance
from every utterance
that would divide
just one from all that is

oh, come to me, Beloved
here, right now
in flesh of form
when all I seek
is our deliverance

from the pain that separates
one heart that seems alone
from the one true heart
that beats
the whole of life
into existence . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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