True Love's Call

To know, beyond the shadow of a doubt
love's call, the truth that life is all about
the care, that only real love can supply
we dare, and all the world becomes the why

of the healing flow of love's sweet grace
within this time of now, this space
the thrill of a gamble won within the game
of life as earth itself confirms your name

and yet, inside, a sorrow builds
to leave behind the past, the very will
that meant so much in days gone by
but letting go - we fly

as courage takes the place of fear - transformed
and life becomes a waking dream reborn
within a heart once broken by the cloud
of sorrow never voiced aloud

till all the should's and ought-to-be's
dissolve and all that's left are these:
the love, the joy, the grief, the pain
Inhale deeply - start again

to live, and act on possibility
of trust, without the bonds of infamy
to shine, a jeweled star within the net
of Goddess, still alive within and yet

I see a vision changing now
in ever-moving form - somehow
the God becomes the Goddess becomes all
beyond mere words, beyond mere mortal fall

as life becomes the love it ought to be
and children grow within the fantasy
enchanted by the very air we breath
grown from hope within the smallest seed

while the world still tilts and swirls
vertigo will balance in the scales
of liberty become the key
to higher realms so free

and "yes" becomes the cornerstone
of a temple set in iridescent tone
as worship becomes love so deep
that from the joy, we weep

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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