Turn Into Day

The night turns into day
as cosmic emotion
comes into play
at first regarded
by the mortal eye
as a fire-mist within the sky

and mortal minds
might think perhaps
a shooting star
has blessed them
with its sight

for the eye cannot conceive
the moon-struck gate
of thorn and ivory
that's just been opened

What alien presence
lingers there
upon the threshold
of all life?

Is it a friend
that we would know
or in face and fact a foe?
that comes to put an end
to all we fancy to be true

Shall we welcome it with trust
or raise the aging battle lust?
that strikes at all
it's never come to know

ah, but wait, just look
the fiery mist is taking form
and there within our sight
now flies the mighty unicorn

Golden horn that scatters stars
and dusts the heavens with delight
Sleek and swift and graceful speeds
this steed composed of whitest light

as cosmic now, the magic plays
its way into our lives
all base emotion turning to an awe
of wonders that we've never seen before

just as the night turns into day
and the phantoms of the night
begin to play the morning's song . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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