Twofold Flight

And then she flies
to heights yet unimagined
unaffected by the chaos
of it all

for spirits soar in unison
upon this wind - invisible
but nonetheless, so real
that every creature takes
this flight with her

as an entity draws near
so very near
that she cannot help
but feel his presence
and pause, just pause
suspended in an unknown space
of grace of loving ways

Can this be real . . . ?
this dream that feels
the utter love
she knows to be
and always seeks to share

yet she turns
and sees mere energy
vibrations almost there
but never quite in form
just like this dream of hers
forever being born
yet not quite there

while she settles for a rest
within this feel of love
and utter bliss
that comes of dreams
she knows are coming true

How can this be . . . ?
she wanders and she wonders
as she drifts into this dream
of love made real
and he simply then
expresses so much truth
within the sound
of his voice that rings
through all she is

Four simple words
that bring such peace
as he whispers in her ear
"I love you, too . . . "


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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