Beyond all fear
lies the hope of all tomorrows
for it is here
that love comes into being

Two strangers come to meet
upon the sands
that skirt the shores
of now's forevermore
to move beyond
the fear and tears
of yesterday

They speak and listen
in a unity that streams
from one entirety into another
and directly back again
of things unalterable
now being uttered

things that lie beyond the bounds
of mere imagination
at the centerpoint, the core
and there upon all shores
in just one grain of sand

as without thought
he takes her hands in his
and they look with eyes of soul
as one that flows into another
to discover yet again
that the matter of reality

begins and ends
within this stream of waves
sinking into particles of sand
and coming back again
in cyclic rounds
of nature's great creation

they look much deeper still
sinking now into each other's eyes
to find the stars that shine
within the skies reside there too
as eternity begins to move
just in between the two of them

While there
just in between the two
they find there's really nothing
strange at all
but just the rise and fall
of all reality
here within this opening
of just one chance encounter . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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