Unbidden Memories

I stood by you for as long as I could
facing the pain you refused to let go
as I attempted to swim
within the stormy waves
that were your life
until I found I stood alone
for you had turned and walked away

Now I search the endless nighttime skies
for all the reasons why I took that stand
yet in the end all I can see
within this vast eternity of darkness
is the light of lost and lonely stars
that wish for our acknowledgement
for are we not their true reflectionů?

Spirits shining
in the midst of darkened matter
that sometimes reach
and shatter our defenses
to remind us of the living essence
of love within our hearts

especially at night
when mind and matter slumber
and all that's under cover in the day
arises in its purest form
and lingers in our dreams
seeking to be born to our awareness

as crystals form upon our window pane
in a tapestry of cold and poignant moisture
beauty born that fades in light of sun
as heat increases every flow of being

yet even as this beauty melts
a drop of moisture turns into
the many hues of rainbows' arcs
while here within the dark
come sweet, unbidden memories of you

and now and then a vagrant tear escapes
for dreams we dreamt that melted too
yet live within the morning dew
that seems so far away
and separated from this heart
that beats in time
and memory unbidden


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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