Within a moment
of pure undistorted perception
I became eternity
(indescribable the feel
of all that is becoming real)
for just an instant, here and there
that always seems to linger
within an intimate atmosphere
that at once seems somehow far away
(as all extremes must come to meet
within the center of it all)

yet within those momentary moments
I knew it all at once
(that feel of everything
that sages seek to teach about)
and I too seek to find
the words that never quite succeed
in penetrating all the many minds
of mankind's altering division
(while eternity remains the same
and never can be tamed)

Years have passed
yet every now and then
again I get another glimpse
(too few, too far between)
teasingly, it leads me on
upon a lonely path
that none I know have tread before
(the student is ready
but the teacher has yet to appear)

and too often, of late
these gifts of grace
that move all of creation
lie heavy on my breast
(how great this task that seems somehow
to begin and end with me)
as I seek for words that might at last
make this world understand
(are there words that might describe
this wondering awe
or could it be we must create them?)

while in between the wandering
I often can't but help to wonder
what it might have been that I did wrong
that so silently these moments
seem to pass away again
when suddenly a gust of wind
brings back their memory

yet I cannot pretend
(as so many will do)
that it was only some imagination
that doesn't really count
for in those fleeting moments
all that matters entered into to me
within a transient movement
of eternity that came to me unasked

in a pure and undeniable
and always undistorted view
of all that is
and so I try yet once again
(but how can one describe
all that the intellect
declares as unbelievable?)

for a misty unity of memory
somehow arises here within
one form that dares to speak
yet once again . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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