Understanding Love

Sweet, so sweet
the nectar of those droning bees
that carry on in zen-like harmony
pollinating and procuring
ingredients so necessary
to continuance in the production
of the honey of it all
especially as we sleep
to dream the dreams
of future in the making
that underlie reality of form

Can you hear the whisper of the wind?
warm and lush, remembering it all
within a flush that wishes for no more
than to continue riding waves of ecstasy
born within the in between of you and I
within this luminescent space
that only soul can co-create

Accept now, dearest one, the fact
of her most awesome creativity
for so the earth has come to be
eternally in harmony
with universal energies
and this is right and good and true
and nothing to be feared
for she would never harm a hair
of those she loves

yet too, you must allow
in gentleness, the time and space
for her development in full
even as the future stands awaiting
this pure matrix of its realization
while words of love
mean everything to all

And we must never rush
nor hush within preponderance
rather, we must learn
to speak our need
while your seeds of love
are what she truly needs
to be the best that she can be

even as you learn to incubate
the best of seeds within yourself
before their offering
to your beloved
and slowly surely, dreams become
an example of this true reality
that only slowly growing
becomes the seed that grows
to understanding
of this awesome love
that only we can bring
eternally to being. . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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