Undulating rhythm
invades the flow of blood
a silent beat
within the heat
of rivers of this night
as it runs on

as it never moved before
slinking through the windows
and the doors of our enclosures
and we are made to move
within the groove of its deliverance

Arching o'er and reaching under
like a rainbow now aflame
in night's sweet solitude
enriching even as it hovers
flowing moisture as it flames
deeper and yet higher
to peaks beyond mere ecstasy

and we are made to fly
through skies of flesh
as high and low are intermeshed
while we become as one
great sphere of fire
burning brighter than the sun
yet darker still than even
mysteries of dark nights of the soul

still moving in those undulating rhythms
that consume the very fire of desire
within two hearts that beat in sync
and reach with every particle of flesh
to bring the heavens of the mind
to mortal form . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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