Unity Undone

I remember the days of my marriage
It seems a lifetime ago
and yet
it could have been yesterday too

Entrapped in fear
a prison of our union's making
Not just mine or his
but ours
built within the patterns
of our creation

I remember well
the increasing pain
day after night
in endless streams of repetition
so intense
that I could not break through
or see the light of brighter days

until a power rose in me
older than the ages
and a strength immense
just flooded through
this mortal frame
this age-old soul of I

so that where once I cried
I stood
uneasy, but stood strong
and moved in ways
I'd never moved before

For fear had been
cut down to size
and I realized
how little of it
had been mine at all
and how small the seed
of its beginnings

then all that pain
began to change
in its final stages of release
as I began to find an inner peace
away from him

I have pondered this feeling
time and again
and still I must say it was this
the Goddess arose
and with her my soul

asm My mind was freed
and my heart rejoiced
for finally I had the choice
and I chose love

and I thank all the powers
above and below and between
that never will I be
the same again


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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