Universal Harmony

Oh, sweet sense of harmony
as soul to soul in ecstasy
we come to meet upon eternal shores
to sense and feel eternity
within an everlasting touch
of heart to heart

Eyes open wide
while still inside
this individuated form
as the cosmos opens out and enters in
right here within this spin
of every atom orbiting
the very center of itself

Without thought they resonate
uniting in the sense and feel
of love becoming real
throughout these forms
that come to be
forever being born anew

from wish and want and deep desire
as a pure yet soothing inner fire
simply melts each fortress
built of fear away
and we feel a presence drawing near
here and now within the light of day

familiar yet intangible
in comfort unimaginable
that brings relief and deep belief
in life's eternal flow
here, within this glow
of universal harmony

where an individuality
may rise upon the tides of all that is
and heal conceptions of this world
to bring the whole in sync
with all that life
is ever meant to be


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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