Universal Perspective

We reach beyond
the very form of moving particles
of which we are composed
at first just seeking light
and light alone

and in our reaching
come upon
that one pure moment
of enlightenment

but life moves on
and so too, these forms
we are becoming
leaving us to find
our way to light's creation
within one form of life that never ends

Will we ever find an other
that has already reached beyond
the fear of death
inherent in relationships
of mere extremities?

Too long, too long
this endless seeking
for an other
when what we truly seek
and have, from birth
have always sought
is simply this

a knowing, true
and so complete
that every opposition
merely melts away
into a path
that every heart may follow

that one true path
of love that carries on
throughout eternity
composing and enthroning
every living heart
as source and soul and deity


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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